About Multicultural Communities for Mobility

What is Multicultural Communities for Mobility?

MCM advocates for safe, alternative transportation access in underserved communities of color within greater Los Angeles. MCM sees bikes, access to adequate sidewalks, and mass transit options as part of the movement for social justice. We seek to create a new consciousness of “equitable environmentalism” that allows low-income communities to be safe, healthy, and have affordable mobility.

Why Was Multicultural Communities for Mobility Created?

In Los Angeles, the “city of cars”, a bike movement sprouted up in the mid-2000′s. Many rides, shops, and repair spaces started to open. Yet rarely were the vast amounts of immigrant cyclists, some of LA’s most dedicated cyclists anywhere to be found. Few of the most marginalized, low-income cyclists truly engaged at public outreach engagement meetings, leading bike infrastructure campaigns, or receiving culturally competent resources. We established the City of Lights program, originally based out of the LACBC in January 2009, in response to the need to change this and empower immigrant and low-income cyclists.

What Has Multicultural Communities for Mobility Done So Far?

Safety Education:

In 2013, over 450 low-income cyclists have been served by MCM through our bilingual bicycle safety and legal rights workshops and distribution of free bicycle lights, helmets, and safety gear.


MCM advocated for low-income residents to be meaningfully engaged in community planning workshops we designed after the adoption of the citywide Bicycle Master Plan. We have conducted dozens of workshops since 2011.

The 7th Street bike lane that currently runs from Koreatown to Downtown L.A. was a two year campaign of MCM. This was the first bike lane striped out of the 2011 LA City Bike Plan, especially in a low-income area. It will be extended to Main Street in the near future. We successfully got equity/income criteria inserted into the Bicycle Plan.

Prior to our 7th Street campaign, we engaged jornaleros and community members to identify areas for bicycle parking racks in the Pico-Union/Macarthur Park area, resulting in 73 locations receiving racks in 2009.

Community Building:

We helped create the BiciDigna/BiciLibre bike repair space, jornalero led bike repair co-op in 2010. We also have led culturally themed bike rides to build community amongst a diffused population. We support groups like the DREAM Act riders in building a bigger movement to serve low-income cyclists.

Our partnerships include CARECEN, CHC, KIWA, CCNP, TRUST South LA, SEACA, the Ovarian Psychos, Eastside Ridazz, the LA Conservation Corps, the California Endowment, REI, Bikesanas, the Womyn of Wilmington, and the UCLA Labor Center.

What Are Multicultural Communities for Mobility’s Future Plans?

Since our small inception as a program, we became a fiscally sponsored project of Community Partners in 2012. MCM intends to implement our newly created strategic plan and expand our pedestrian safety education programming and partnerships with key organizations.

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Support Us

Help us support our organization by making a donation by clicking the button above or by sending a check to Community Partners, attn: Nikh Mendez 1000 N. Alameda St., Suite 240 Los Angeles, CA 90012. Checks should be addressed to “Community Partners”, with MCM in the memo.

Please note: You will receive a charge from paypal under the name “Community Partners”.

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Fourth Annual Bicycle Awards Dinner


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